Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Few More School Photos

Our "Homeschool in the Woods" timeline... blank for now, but ready to go.

The Science Box- We spent a little bit of time putting together ziploc bags of supplies for each of the activities/experiments we need to do for science. I compiled a list of missing supplies at the same time... no more skipped science activities because we couldn't find the right stuff!

A small, easy to use arts and crafts box


Ginny said...

Hey! What's happening?


VoiceInTheWilderness said...

Ginny! I miss you...

The blog has not been updated for a while now. Lack of time, motivation, and mostly a misplaced camera have contributed to its demise.

The Lord is good and merciful. We are experiencing a time of rest and family togetherness. We are no longer serving at the fellowship where we were involved in youth ministry. We have family devotions & Bible study, and minister to those we come into contact with in everyday life in whatever capacity the Lord sees fit for us to do.
The chicken flock has slowly dwindled to a manageable size. Only one rooster now, and he is quite docile. Just this morning he was sweetly pecking at the kitchen door, hoping for some food to be tossed out to him. We have experienced some horrendous chicken deaths... and some heroic raccoon killing by our Great Pyrenees. How is your chicken-ing coming? Did you ever get any little ones to hatch?

We have continued to cut trails and sculpt the woods out back into a place we can spend time as a family. We have new neighbors who sometimes ride their horses and four-wheelers back there.

I am trying to figure out how to knit using a loom (because it looks easier than using needles!), but haven't had much time to do it yet. I have a butterfly loom that my husband found at Goodwill and the Knifty Knitter, also a gift from the hubby. Elijah wanted a scarf made out of Fun Fur, so I attempted that, using crochet. Have you used this stuff? It was difficult to keep track of the stitches, so I used another yarn with it. It kind of looks like a ratty beard, but he loves it. He uses his "old man voice" to say things like, "You young whippersnapper, I'm 40 years old..." 40!! I told him 40 is young and free-spirited. He gave me a look like I must be joking.

Maybe someday I'll get around to updating here. You can email me at

It was good to hear from you!