Friday, March 6, 2009

Updates & Repairs

Sometimes projects around here take a long time. For instance, my "Mother's Day gift" last year....I asked Scott to remove the old tub & surround in the kids' bathroom and replace it with a new one. He wasted no time in purchasing the new tub and tearing out the old. However, it soon became apparent that we were in over our heads. This week, we hired a friend to complete the project. This is what it looked like for months.

And this is it today.

It still needs some trim around it, but it is now functional.

Another "before and after":


E.T.'s Mom said...

Ooohlala. Nice ptojects ~ especially the woodstove!

Ginny said...

We only have one bathroom and we have needed to replace the tub for a couple of years now. We can't have it sit like that for more than a couple of days, so we have not done anything with it, yet. LOL! OH, well...

The stove is beautiful. :-D