Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our First Casualty

It's been nearly a year since our boys were all given BB guns. This was bound to happen eventually.

We had just returned home from a fun day of field trips when Noah decided to show Gloria how to shoot a BB gun. I was barely paying attention- I heard him explaining how to aim, then-CRACK! At least he remembered to aim it in a safe direction- the only casualty was our geology lesson/cookie jar (I love homeschooling!)

Noah was stunned that the gun fired. He operates under the "Never leave a gun loaded" rule. That works well for him, but it was his brother's gun. And Brother's rule is, "Always leave the gun loaded in case there's trouble. Leave the safety on so that it can't be accidentally fired."

I think we all learned a valuable lesson. And, ahem, Sonja, please disregard the conversation we had earlier this week about children and gun safety.


Ginny said...

LOL! Whatever is in that jar looked like it NEEDED killin'!


VoiceInTheWilderness said...

Hey, just 'cuz my stewed tomatoes don't look as good as your stewed tomatoes doesn't mean they need killin'! ;)