Friday, February 13, 2009

An Interesting Morning

While on my way to prepare breakfast for the man of the house, I passed a window. Much to my surprise, I saw this little gal.

I went outside to have a better look, and found that she was quite a docile creature. So docile that I wondered if she were sick. She didn't want to walk with me, so I picked the little thing up and carried her around to the back, where the hubby joined me. We decided to tie her up and try to find who she belonged to. Then we heard the honking of horns, and found this lovely group of visitors running down the middle of the road and heading up our driveway.

The goat only stayed for a little while... her owner picked her up by 8:30. The guineas stayed on a little longer, but they are always welcome here. I love what they do!

What fun to live in the boonies!


Ginny said...

LOL! You're right. Sometimes...

Today, I am dealing with a little kitten that was abandoned on my property. I first noticed it when I heard the chickens freaking out. She was in the chicken yard trying to make friends. I feel that we need to kill her, because the cat shelter/humane society is not accepting cats and she really looks diseased and we can't take anymore cats. :`(

But, Ron said not to kill her, so I am waiting for him to come home and deal with her.

That is one of the bad things about being in the boonies...

Jayna said...

I agree with Ginny about the "drop offs" you get. Two of my dogs are strays that were abandoned. I guess someone elses burden is my blessing. I love my dogs and they let me know when someone is there that shouldn't be. Did you know guineas are great at keeping the bugs down in the summer?