Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hen Update

She's still with us. We believe that she ate the egg because it was cracked. As far as we know, there have been no more eggs consumed by chickens.

I know, you hardened chicken people are laughing at us.

We do have two hens in solitary confinement because they won't stay out of the neighbor's yard. We instituted a "Two Strikes- You're Out" policy. The first time, their wings were marked with spray paint. The second time, they were placed in a cage. Now they are awaiting a new home with either Grandma or a friend.


Ginny said...

I'm not laughing. You know your chickens better than I do. I'm glad she was able to be spared.
Good idea about marking the wings.

And I'm glad, too, to hear from you. I was starting to wonder...

Anonymous said...

I hope that all your hens don't eventually wander off. :-) It's great that you spared your chicken---I take it, then, she hasn't been eating any more?