Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nic's Chicks or Factory Chicks

This video doesn't do the actual experience justice. We were driving through Shelbyville Tennessee today, when we had the good fortune to find ourselves behind a huge Tyson chicken truck. I can tell you that the smell was indescribable. Our 55 chickens smell, but it is a completely different smell from these. The smell was rancid, for lack of a better word. As bad as the smell was, the sight was worse. These chickens were crammed into the dirty and rusty cages so that they could not fully stand up. Chicken cages were stacked on top of chicken cages so that excrement from the top would cascade down to the levels below. The chickens we saw did not have feathers on their bellies or on their bottoms. We assumed that this was because their bellies probably dragged the bottom of the cages. We're not sure. All of the chickens were thirsty. Their beaks were slightly open and they panted.

It was quite enlightening for us to see these birds treatment and physical appearance, when compared to our own chicken experiment. Our birds' poop smells, but it was a "normal" poop smell and not rancid smelling. Our birds have nice full feathered bodies. They free-range and are in excellent physical condition.

We are by no means "animal rights" people, but there is just no comparison between a small farm raised bird and these factory fowl.


Pauline Disciple said...

This sad sight is not too uncommon in Delaware.

Ginny said...

Hey, I was just getting geared up to do a post and your comment came up. Thanks for caring! :-D I am fine. I will post about what's happening in my life in just a few minutes.