Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dallas Again

So it looks like we will be visiting the Dallas area in early September.

We have been unable to find good, reliable information about the relative safety of the area surrounding the Arlington hotel we are planning to stay in. Can anyone advise me about which areas to avoid? I know we wandered into some pretty scary places last year. Our hotel was not scary (in the traditional sense, anyway). It was, however, downtown and very pricey - something we are not looking to repeat.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


Patty said...

I live not too far from Arlington and shop there often. If I can help in any way let me know. I know the town pretty well.

Dawn said...

Where are you all staying at? Since I am still new to the area myself I may not know everything, but I can try to be of some help!

I was warned that Arlington was rather bad and for some reason I think it's a great area. :-)

I have traveled through the not so nice areas and I didn't get mugged, shot, or hijacked, so praise the Lord. :-)

It doesn't matter where ya go anymore, there are always going to be mean people out to hurt others, know what I mean? Even in nice neighborhoods.

How long will you be in Arlington? Maybe we can meet up and say hello! I should have my own car by September. :-)

God Bless You!

Dawn :)