Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wild Edible Day

These milkweed pods were too large to eat whole, so Scott boiled them and we ate the white part from inside. They were delicious and had a great texture. I would have eaten more, but Scott wouldn't let me- we only got a taste to make sure we're not allergic.
*See comments for more information.


Ginny said...

It would have never occured to me that those would be edible. What do they taste like? What do the look like inside? hmmmm...interesting

VoiceInTheWilderness said...

They have a mild taste, and oddly enough the consistency is similar to cheese. Several sources say that they can be used as a cheese substitute. For eating, you want immature pods with a completely white interior, and not very fibrous. We boiled them for 5 minutes, popped them open, and nibbled on the insides.

It's amazing how many things grow wild that are edible. We put so much effort into a garden, and yet God has provided all around us things that we haven't sown. We identified 40-plus things on our property that are known to be edible.

For a little bit of trivia, mature milkweed pods were gathered by children for lifevests during one of the world wars (maybe both- I can't remember). They have excellent insulative property and don't have some of the drawbacks of other materials.