Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Visitor

This little fawn was cute today- especially when its mother emerged from the wood and they stood nuzzling each other. Ask me how cute it is once my garden has been invaded.

There seem to be a lot of deer this season. Over the last few days we've seen them more and more. Last night when we came in at nearly 11, there were two deer dancing about the side of the road in front of our house. I should check in on Joe and see how he's doing.


Ginny said...

That IS cute. We have deer all the time, but they never bother the garden. I see tracks through the garden, but I have never noticed that they have damaged anything. Bunnies have sampled some lettuce, though, but not enough to bother me. If possible, it may be better just to be prepared to share a little.
I just read the story of Joe. Wow.

Mama Said said...

I just read the Joe story, too. You guys have incredible stories! God is really using ya'll time and time again. It just brings tears to my eyes. What an honor!