Monday, June 9, 2008

Marcus, Part 2

Things down in the youth room were not as we expected. My husband often knows exactly what someone’s primary struggle is, because God lets him know. It’s not something that is contrived, but he will feel compelled to share a word or past experience with someone and it cuts right to the heart of what the problem. So I was feeling pretty confident that Marcus had opened up to him and he was providing wise counsel to Marcus.

As soon as they came back into the kitchen, I could tell something was not right. Scott and his co-laborer had spent over two hours with Marcus, and when they walked in there was a noticeable distance between them. Scott asked for another plate of food for Marcus, which we immediately provided. They sat down to talk some more. I heard enough that I knew things were not good, but I didn’t want to just stand around listening, so I left the kitchen. After Marcus left (close to the time we were dismissing kids- we were diligent in making sure that they stayed inside while waiting for rides) we were filled in on all that had transpired. Here’s some of the conversation that took place.

Scott: “So are you going to North Carolina or South Carolina?”

Marcus: “It depends. Are you talking about the Devil’s upper lip or lower lip?”

Scott: “I don’t understand.”

Marcus: “The eastern coast of the States is the Devil’s face. So are you talking about his upper lip or his lower lip?”

Scott: “Which one does your dad live in?”

Marcus: “David just made you do that thing with your arm.”

Scott: “No, he didn’t.”

Marcus: “David and Charles are the ones controlling you.”

Scott: “No, they’re not. It is true that I am a puppet. I am a puppet of the Most High God. David and Charles cannot control me.”

Marcus: “David just made you put water in that cup.”

Scott: “No, the Lord told me to put water in this cup. This cup was empty. Now it is filled with water. It can’t be filled with milk, because it is already filled with water. Just like me. I’m filled with Christ. No one else can fill me, because I am filled already.”

Scott: “Take this Bible with you.”

Marcus: “I can’t. There’s no room.”

Scott: “Here, take this,” Scott said, tearing out Matthew 5,6, and 7.

Marcus: “No. It is a sin to take anything away from or add anything to the Bible.”

Scott: “Okay, well, let that be my sin. Take this and read it.”

Marcus: “No.”

Co-Laborer: “If we could find a very small Bible that had both the Old and New Testaments, would you take that?”

Scott pulled his personal very small Bible filled with color-coded highlighting out of his back pocket. “Take this,” he said. “It’s the whole thing. You can have it.”

Still Marcus refused. He reads Harry Potter, and says that it is a lot like the Bible.

Marcus also shared that he is controlled by 4 different “people.” They pull him, make him move, tell him what to do. He believes that “God” and “Jesus” are all part of a grand charade, based on the alphabet being used in creative ways. Scott shared Yeshua with him, and he didn’t know how to make that fit into the charade the demons have told him to believe in. He believes that people’s names tell what their souls are like. All names have meanings, but some of us, according to Marcus, don’t do what our names say we should do. His father’s last name means (to Marcus, anyway) “Making My Life Hell.” This was not said in jest. He talked about Mother Africa, a large black lady, who tells him what certain things mean. Marcus lives in Illinois and goes to the Carolinas to visit his family. Always on foot. The trip takes him 1 year to make. He’s made it twice in the past. According to Marcus, his family is not expecting him and won’t be happy to see him.

The encounter with Marcus was a little un-nerving. It touched off a whole weekend of dealing with demons. God is making us more aware of the very real supernatural forces around us. Marcus is just a man. Marcus needs to be saved from his demons. We should go out of our way to bring Marcus and people like Marcus to the Lord. Marcus has heard all about Jesus. He’s rejected him thus far. He’s not under his own power right now, but we still need to reach out to him and cover him in prayer and real, practical help. The Lord deserves Marcus because he has paid a price for him. Marcus rightfully belongs to the Lord.

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Ginny said...

Wow. Yes, spiritual warfare is becoming more and more evident to me and others, too. It seems like the devil is stepping up his efforts, because the end is coming soon. Praise the Lord!