Saturday, June 7, 2008

In Shambles

Our poor little blog is, anyway. She's been sadly neglected. I can barely see you guys (the few of you who are left) over all the thistles and weeds. Nobody wants to be the neighbor who knocks on the door and says, "Wow! You guys have really let this place go." Well, nobody, that is, except Ginny. Thanks for your brutal honesty. :)

Excuse #1 for aforementioned neglect: We've been struggling to get our garden put in, without our trusty tiller. The Trusty Tiller proved to be unworthy of its title. It's back now, and maybe next week I can get the other 2/3s of the garden planted. Ahem... and stop your snickering, you hardened and learned gardeners who thumb your noses at modern conveniences like tillers.

Excuse #2 for aforementioned neglect: Standardized testing. We're finally finished. I will be sending the tests in next week for scoring. Glad it's over.

Excuse #3 for aforementioned neglect: Youth VBS is tonight and all day tomorrow. Our grandparents are out of town, so alternative arrangements had to be made for the part of the day tomorrow that my own children won't be attending. Plus there are extra meals to cook- tonight I'm feeding them risotto, homemade rolls, and dessert. Tonight's portion of VBS is easy- dinner and a movie (Facing the Giants). Tomorrow begins with breakfast, Sunday School, they will go to church w/ hubby while I shuttle my children to an aunt's house 20 minutes away and arrive back at the church in time to feed them lunch at the end of the service. Then we hit the road for a Scripture Photo Scavenger Hunt, for which I am still compiling a list. We end up back at church before evening service begins and dismiss afterward. Then my kids come back home. It's kind of a busy weekend. Did I mention that Scott is working today, too? He'll be going nonstop this weekend. Prayer support is always appreciated, more for the work than for us, though we need it, too.

Excuse #4 for aforementioned neglect: The arrival of a storage shed has caused lots of rifling through things in closets and under beds to determine what needs to go outside.

Excuse #5 for aforementioned neglect: The temps have finally changed enough to justify the seasonal wardrobe changes to be made. We have been dividing clothes into : "someone can fit into this next year" and "too small for any of us to ever wear again". And might I add, the temperatures went from slightly cool but totally comfortable to raging hot. From highs in the 70s to highs in the mid 90s for several days now.

Excuse #6 for aforementioned neglect: For three days I tried to upload a video of my happy chickens in the yard, but Blogger refuses to allow it to happen.

I could go on, but I have a lot to do. So pardon me while I power up the weed whacker and try to restore order to our little piece of the blogosphere.


Dawn said... need to share excuses with us. When people don't update their blogs for awhile I tell them that living life is more important than worrying about the Internet. :)
Life is too short and fleeting...

I hope you are having a super blessed weekend so far!

God Bless,

Ginny said...

Hey, thanks for the update! I totally understand. I was just missing you. :-D

I am a seasoned gardener and I have a TILLER! (gulp)

All of your excuses are valid. LOL! Now, get to work. ;-)

I just came in from spening several hours in the garden. It went from cold to HOT here, too. As soon as I get the entire garden mulched, I will not have so much to do out there. There will still be garden work, but not near as much. Then I can work around the hottest part of the day.

Don't overdo it. :-D

Lynn Stallworth said...

Blog neglect is good from time to time. It keeps us readers wondering what the heck you must be up to :o) Hope you get that garden done. I've been watering mine like crazy. It's blazing hot here as well. Some days in the lower 80's would have been nice. Not the mid-90's! I actually burnt my foot on the black part of our mat by the front door!