Friday, May 2, 2008

Our Sanford & Son Chicken Tractor

We only used those blankets for the first day... :) There is now a well-fitted and tied down tarp providing shade to the not-so-little chicks. That's Elijah inside- dumping out a bucket of worms he collected for the chickens. Isn't that sweet?


Ginny said...

Your chicken tractor looks very nice. I see it is A-frame, too. Nice choice. ;-) However, I don't see Sanford and Son in it. It is too shiny and straight, but it is for dummies (the chickens, that is). We have learned several times how dumb chickens can be. Just today, we had a quick rain storm and the chickens were up in the coop, all nice and dry, and when it start raining and blowing they all jumped down into the mud and huddled in a corner getting SOAKED! ...dummies... So, Ron and I (big dummies) went out in the wind and rain and tried to rescue them. ...big dummies...

Faaaaarm livin' is the life for me...etc. LOL! I was singing that on the way back to the house with my hair and clothes plastered to me and the neighbors peering through the rain at us. Ron was not amused.

Now that the rain is over, the chickens have gone back into their nice dry coop.

LOL! ;-)

Sorry for such a long comment. It has been quite the day.

VoiceInTheWilderness said...

I enjoy long comments! And rushed chicken-saving in the rain- what could be better? Sounds like fun.
Our chicks have proven their low IQs, as well. There was a water spill and the water puddled in one very small section. Half of the chicks stood in it, drinking the now chicken-poo filled water. Ick! There was fresh water readily available a few steps away!