Friday, May 2, 2008

More Cabin Work...

There's a hokey little Muppets song that the kids like to sing when we're trekking to the back to work on the cabin. "In a cabin in the woods a monster by the window stood..." It just gets better and better, but you'll have to take my word for it. Here are some shots of what we've gotten done lately.
Nicholas caught my interpretive dance routine on film for all to see. ;) Really, I'm not sure what I was doing.
Daddy taking a break. The siding is up, except for the part that will be under the wall of windows.
We had to clear some trees to make way for the scaffolding. Here's a shot of some of the resulting carnage.

Elijah's first time in the cabin. Note the hillbilly scaffolding. Only 2 windows left to go.
Scott paid $10 for these 8 windows and several other sizes of windows at a yard sale. We're still not sure what we'll do with the others.

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Ginny said...

Love the dance moves. ;-) The cabin is looking really nice. I'm sure it is really fun having a project like that. Keep up the good work! :-D