Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Surfing and other fun stuff....

Vacation week always brings with it a nice change of pace. Some vacations are restful. Others, like this one, are full of projects. We've been working on a cabin out back in the woods. While we were back there, I noticed that the pond needed aerated. I put the kids right to work.

A little later, when we had errands to run, we picked up some goldfish to put in there. We purchased 30 of them for $6.00 plus tax. The audio on the following video clip is a little messed up.

The pet store had a wallaby for $2000. Scott briefly contemplated becoming a wallaby farmer (or rancher). They also had an alligator, but it was already sold. *sigh*

Our cabin/shed/guest house has been progressing. Usually we are lucky to get an hour at a time to work on it, but this week we've been able to spend more time there. Here are some photos:

There was even more work done by the end of the day, but I was not able to take a photo of it. Our young lady of the house had an unfortunate accident with a cedar tree. I brought her home to patch up some boo-boos, and we never made it back.

Our chicks have been outside during the day enjoying the sunshine and 80 degree temperatures. I haven't gotten any pictures of them yet, but I will. They are in our chicken tractor and are absolutely loving it! Perhaps I will assign the job of photo-taking to one of the children, as I haven't gotten to it in the past 2 days. I love to watch them try out their wings.

In other news, my buddy Faith has started a website dedicated to reporting good news. You can visit her here. Tell her Sista G sent you!


Ginny said...

LOL! That little remote control surfer dude, or whatever it is, looks like a lot of fun!

The cabin looks nice, too. It looks like you guys had some fun and got some work done.


thruchildeyes said...

Cool projects!

TnFullQuiver said...

Tell us more about the cabin. What are you planning to use it for? What all will it have in it?I have wanted to do something similiar, but we have been a bit unsure of the cost.
grace and peace,

VoiceInTheWilderness said...

Remote control surfers are indeed lots of fun. I even played with it a little!

Our "cabin" was borne out of our need for a storage shed. Scott wanted to build the shed himself, but wasn't too sure of his carpentry skills. He thought he would go with an easier (!!!) project like a shed/cabin on stilts. We have windows (purchased for $20 for the whole set at a yardsale) that will go on the front of the cabin. Basically the entire front wall will be windows. For the back we have purchased a really nice door from the Habitat ReStore for $20. Hubby plans to store some of his stuff there, but not much. We are planning on bamboo floors & beadboard interior walls. It's primary use will be for general hanging out and overnight "camping" (there will be no electricity or water). We look forward to having some friends stay over in it once it is done.

Thanks to all for commenting.