Thursday, April 10, 2008

AVKO Sequential Spelling

Disclaimer: If you do not have a school-aged child, you may not be the slightest bit interested in this post. We're just too excited to keep this to ourselves!

A couple of weeks back, Noah came to me and said that he would be happy if he could just learn these three things: how to write neatly, how to spell, and how to type. I was overjoyed.... those are great things to learn, and I actually might be able to teach those. If he'd asked me to teach him how to repair small gas engines, I'd have been in trouble! The language book we were using was going into a lot of detail regarding WHY certain sounds are made by certain letters at certain times. Noah and I were BOTH confused!

So, we launched a search for a good spelling program. The search began the same way many of our curriculum searches begin- with the Sonlight Catalog. That is where I first read about Sequential Spelling. The first lesson is available online to try for free. We're six days into it, and I can see amazing improvement in Noah's spelling. Today, Noah wrote "beginnings" with no help from me. He also wrote "Mr. Skinner". When we started a few days ago, he wrote "begining" and "sciner" for "skinner". This program teaches spelling patterns without confusing explanations. It's made primarily for dyslexics. It is working for us and we're thrilled. There is no studying, no writing multiple times, or any of the other standard spelling curriculum stuff. Just one word list per day, dictated by me and accompanied by a sentence using the word. He writes the word, I give him the correct spelling, and he immediately corrects it. That's it.

Noah and I are both very pleased with Sequential Spelling thus far. Today we placed our order for the first book (which is non-consumable, so we can use it over and over again). We highly recommend it!

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Ginny said...

I may not have a child, but I love to see that there are children in the world being taught something worthwhile. :-D

I'm glad you are doing it and loving it. :-D