Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mastercard has nothing on us!

Habitat ReStore door..... $20.
Hinges from Lowes... $4.
Watching it actually close flush with the door frame...Priceless.
Not bad for his first door-hanging project!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Surfing and other fun stuff....

Vacation week always brings with it a nice change of pace. Some vacations are restful. Others, like this one, are full of projects. We've been working on a cabin out back in the woods. While we were back there, I noticed that the pond needed aerated. I put the kids right to work.

A little later, when we had errands to run, we picked up some goldfish to put in there. We purchased 30 of them for $6.00 plus tax. The audio on the following video clip is a little messed up.

The pet store had a wallaby for $2000. Scott briefly contemplated becoming a wallaby farmer (or rancher). They also had an alligator, but it was already sold. *sigh*

Our cabin/shed/guest house has been progressing. Usually we are lucky to get an hour at a time to work on it, but this week we've been able to spend more time there. Here are some photos:

There was even more work done by the end of the day, but I was not able to take a photo of it. Our young lady of the house had an unfortunate accident with a cedar tree. I brought her home to patch up some boo-boos, and we never made it back.

Our chicks have been outside during the day enjoying the sunshine and 80 degree temperatures. I haven't gotten any pictures of them yet, but I will. They are in our chicken tractor and are absolutely loving it! Perhaps I will assign the job of photo-taking to one of the children, as I haven't gotten to it in the past 2 days. I love to watch them try out their wings.

In other news, my buddy Faith has started a website dedicated to reporting good news. You can visit her here. Tell her Sista G sent you!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


This is our first foray into poultry, so we don't really know what normal behavior looks like. I thought this little lady might be ill, so I picked her up for an examination. She flapped her little wings and pecked at my fingers til I let go. Here she is enjoying her few minutes of freedom.

The weather today was beautiful, so we took the chicks out to enjoy some fresh air. They didn't want to go back inside, but since they're not fully feathered yet, we took them in anyway. It won't be long til they can stay outside.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

AVKO Sequential Spelling

Disclaimer: If you do not have a school-aged child, you may not be the slightest bit interested in this post. We're just too excited to keep this to ourselves!

A couple of weeks back, Noah came to me and said that he would be happy if he could just learn these three things: how to write neatly, how to spell, and how to type. I was overjoyed.... those are great things to learn, and I actually might be able to teach those. If he'd asked me to teach him how to repair small gas engines, I'd have been in trouble! The language book we were using was going into a lot of detail regarding WHY certain sounds are made by certain letters at certain times. Noah and I were BOTH confused!

So, we launched a search for a good spelling program. The search began the same way many of our curriculum searches begin- with the Sonlight Catalog. That is where I first read about Sequential Spelling. The first lesson is available online to try for free. We're six days into it, and I can see amazing improvement in Noah's spelling. Today, Noah wrote "beginnings" with no help from me. He also wrote "Mr. Skinner". When we started a few days ago, he wrote "begining" and "sciner" for "skinner". This program teaches spelling patterns without confusing explanations. It's made primarily for dyslexics. It is working for us and we're thrilled. There is no studying, no writing multiple times, or any of the other standard spelling curriculum stuff. Just one word list per day, dictated by me and accompanied by a sentence using the word. He writes the word, I give him the correct spelling, and he immediately corrects it. That's it.

Noah and I are both very pleased with Sequential Spelling thus far. Today we placed our order for the first book (which is non-consumable, so we can use it over and over again). We highly recommend it!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Stupid Pride

When I have experienced conviction about something in my life, my desire is to share it with others. Sometimes my pride gets in the way. Sacrificing self is not easy to do. So I am allowing you to watch me butcher my prideful self right here. Here goes:

Many times my husband gives me directions. Many times inwardly I grimace (okay, sometimes outwardly, too). My ways are usually better, in my opinion. Lately I have been convicted that my attitude needs to be corrected. I am beginning to understand that submission to my husband better prepares me to be in, and remain in, a right relationship with my Lord and Savior. If I cringe when my husband lovingly corrects me, what does that say about my attitude?

A few days ago, Scott announced after dinner that he wanted to go out in the woods. I thought he could take the kids out, they could have some "daddy time", and I would have a few minutes to clean up the dinner table. That is, until he poked his head back in the door and let me know that they were all waiting on me.
Me: But I was going to stay in and clean up the dinner dishes.
"Oh, come on," he says. "I'm not going to make you work; I just want your company."
That sounds very sweet now, and I’m certain that this makes me sound horrid, but I was quite perturbed. He was interrupting my plans. The house was going to be quiet and clean for a few minutes, but now he was telling me that we were going to be out in the woods until dark. This meant that when we came in, I would need get the kids cleaned up and ready for bed, and then clean the kitchen. I obediently put on my mud boots, but inwardly I was rather irritated.

As I trudged up the trail, I felt the Lord speaking to me through my husband’s words. “I’m not going to make you work; I just want your company.” The Lord doesn’t have to include me in his plans, but he chooses to. I began to wonder, “Do I respond to Jesus in the same way that I just responded to my husband?” “Do I begrudgingly go when he says to go, or do I go with joy in my heart?” “Am I thrilled to be included in his plans, or would I rather stay home and clean my dirty kitchen?”

Ouch. My husband will read this. Double ouch.