Sunday, March 30, 2008

For Ginny & Sonja

Chicken Independence!

These little ladies have gotten noticeably bigger each day. Aside from a near-death experience the first night, all has been well. Our power was knocked out by a storm, which gave the birds a chill. I was awakened by loud peeping and found them all huddled together in a black fuzzy mass. Scott powered up the generator to run their heat-lamp for the hour or so that we were without electricity.
The kids are enjoying watching them, and so far, no one has complained about having to tend to their needs.


Ginny said...

LOL! What cute chicks! I can't wait to get mine. We just got done making the brooder. When it was all done, it looked like a MANSION! LOL! I will have to get some pictures. I get the chicks Tuesday. Thanks for the chick pics. :-D

Meredith said...

Oh, how darling!

And THANK YOU for the Bread Beckers coop information--I enjoy their newsletter but had no idea they delivered here.