Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Blogging For Compassion

You may have noticed the Blog Uganda widget in my sidebar. Please allow me to explain it before you begin browsing through the blogs it links to.

I am a believer in the work of Compassion. Through Compassion, our family has met a young boy named Miquieas. My sons are always on the look-out for paper items that they can send to Miquieas. Yesterday, they picked up some stickers while we were in town that will be included with the next letter we send. Compassion International allows them to develop real compassion by getting to know a child in real need. The $32 that we send to Compassion each month is spent on Miquieas.... he is provided with clothing, food, school, and medical attention. We also have the opportunity to send birthday and Christmas gifts, as well as gifts for his family.

Compassion International is sponsoring a trip to Uganda for several American bloggers who have lots of readers. These bloggers will see first-hand what Compassion does for children and translate these things into videos, photographs, and online journal entries. They will be our eyes and show us things that we cannot see for ourselves. And hopefully many children will be sponsored because of their work.

Many of the blogs you will link to are not blogs that I normally read. Their views are not necessarily my views. But I believe that during this trip, these bloggers afford us an excellent opportunity to see the world as we cannot see it ourselves. I believe that God will use this blogging trip to change hearts toward impoverished children around the world.

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