Sunday, November 11, 2007

Glimpses of God's Plan

We find it interesting that sometimes God will give us glimpses of His plan (sometimes just enough to confirm that there IS a plan) through strange circumstances and unusual meetings with folks... the things that some would call coincidences, but we know better.

For example...

Two different goat farms that we were invited to see. They are run by people that we seem to share theology with.

Two different families encouraging our 4H adventure.

Two women named J_____ that we met today.

Two families, one we met today & another we met a year ago 700 miles away, who know each other as a result of shared mission work in a tiny country in the middle east.

It's like the Lord leads us in a direction and then immediately reinforces that by giving us a couple of well-placed encouragers. I am beginning to look forward to these "random" meetings with folks we don't really know. I know that God has a reason for crossing our paths.

On a separate note, we're contemplating or struck by how some people confuse "standard of living" with "quality of living." We heard a person discussing a trip to a foreign country and how sad the people were, and how poor they were, because they didn't have certain amenities that we enjoy in the United States. However, so many of us enjoy them at the expense of time with our children and families. Who has the higher standard of living? Someone with electricity and big screen satellite HDTV on which they can watch nature shows depicting God's Creation in breath-taking resolution and color, or people who step out of a paid-for familiar home and are too busy observing God's glory to turn on a TV if they had one. I know that there are probably some who think this is just self-loathing or "white guilt", but really, we as a society have so much to be so miserable.

Scott says that people who read blogs really want to see pictures, so here is one of a critter we found on the front porch.


Ron and Ginny said...

Yes, pictures can be good, but good words can be better pictures! ;-)

Marci said...

I love the "chance" meetings that happen in life. They are divine appointments. Thanks for sharing.

I like the picture!!

Dawn said...

Ewww get the shoe and squash it...LOL.

I too like to read other blogs with pictures because it gives me a glimpse into their life and it's a blessing to be able to become better friends with them I guess.
I guess it's just nice to know who we are praying for sometimes :)