Monday, November 5, 2007

3 weeks...

3 visits to the pediatrician.

The first time, Elijah had chicken pox. It was a mild case due to the vaccination that he received.

Then Gloria had an ear infection. She took her last dose of antibiotics today.

Today Elijah has bronchitis and maybe walking pneumonia. We've started antibiotics. If there isn't a significant improvement in the next 48 hours, I am supposed to bring him back.

We'll be hanging out at home for a while to give everyone a chance to recover. My hope is that we didn't pick up some new germ while at the doctor's office. (sigh) We'll probably know that in 48 hours, too.

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Don and Lynn said...

I feel your pain. My twins are sick-one started last week and then the other started yesterday. The first one isn't completely better, the other has a fever of 102, so I have a whine-fest going on at my house. I think I might join them tomorrow-lol!

Don't you hate that about going to the Dr.? I can't stand for them to touch anything while we're there, but they're 17 months for crying out loud, they touch EVERYTHING! I just sanitize their hands once we get to the van.

I hope your kiddos feel better soon! It's hard being couped up in the house, isn't it?