Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sunday afternoon

After Mom's now routine afternoon nap, we all went outside to enjoy one of the last days of summer weather. While Nicholas and Dad had the most difficult task of greenhouse construction, the rest of us had some pretty grueling work to do as well.

Elijah constructed a watering hole for the squirrels. His tool of choice was a pointy stick. He then used the pressure washer to fill the hole with water and wash the mud off of his feet. In his spare time, he also crumbled a large styrofoam block in the front yard.

Gloria and Noah took Penelope for a walk.

Then Gloria rested in the shade...

And Noah held onto the leash for dear life while Penelope jumped around the freshly tilled garden rooting for and eating grubs.

Penelope will be great for our organic gardening.

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