Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Farm chores

Our container garden is taking root. The plan is to make it a bit more attractive than what you see in the photos. I was in a hurry to get the seeds started. All of the broccoli, cabbage, and lettuce have germinated. I am very hopeful that we will have a fall harvest.
The "greenhouse" has a black plastic bottom now. If it turns out that we are able to use the structure as a greenhouse, then we will put gravel down over the plastic. Scott has appointed me the task of determining how much sunlight a greenhouse should receive vs. how much sunlight our greenhouse spot receives. If it is not enough, we will cover the framed shelter and use it for a picnic pavilion of sorts. Then we will start over with a truly sunny spot.

We dug up a rather large flowerbed in an inconvenient spot. I dug by hand 2 large pots full of iris bulbs, then Scott brought over the tiller and finished the job.
The kids have done some more digging there, and found some other flower bulbs. We plan to replant them somewhere else (out of the way) and see what grows.
All work and no play makes Kevin a dull alligator. For the last two years, when there is fresh garden dirt, there is Kevin. He gets buried repeatedly, but he's always a good sport.

And finally, the chicken tractor is nearing completion. Scott added the wood to the end. All that's left now is the main door, a chain and hinges for the nesting box door, and a coat of paint on the exposed wood parts. Gloria wants to paint it pink. She'll have to talk to Dad about that. You can see our greenhouse frame in the background.

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