Saturday, September 8, 2007

Texas Rangers Game

On Friday night, we took the kids to a Rangers game. We paid extra to sit in the "No Alcohol" section. I learned long ago that if sporting events offer an alcohol-free section, it is worth the extra money to get those seats. We'd just rather not sit around the loud drunk folks. It makes the game more enjoyable. I did not realize that the alcohol-free zone was also the nosebleed section. The height was shocking at first, but after a while we adjusted. We had a great view of the field.

The Texas Rangers won the game, which was nice. It's no fun to watch the home team lose when you are really not a fan of either team. There was lots of entertainment. Perhaps one of the best things about the evening was our usher. I wish I had a picture of him to post. Scott spent much of the game time just talking with him. So many times you meet people who are really excited about the things of the world and are not at all excited about the things of God, even when they claim to be Christians. Charlie (our usher) was very much excited by the things of God and eager to talk about the Lord. He took this picture of us.

And now, some pictures of the kids. This is Dad & Gloria. She's sporting her new Rangers hat and scarfing down a hotdog.

Nicholas and Noah goofing off...

Elijah wearing his popcorn bucket as a hat...

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