Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Road Trip with the Winslows

Scott had his test this afternoon, and the doctor said everything is perfect. He just has to up his medicine, so all is good. Scott was feeling well and decided we should go ahead and get on the road. We dropped off Penelope with friends and we were on our way. We stopped in Jackson, TN for the night. An early start this morning put us a little ahead of schedule. The kids were calm as could be.

Gloria shouted the alphabet in song, made her toy puppy go potty, and karate chopped her seat. I've tried to upload the videos, but I keep losing my internet connection. Nicholas was mostly helpful but somewhat annoying to his siblings.

Just as we were crossing the Arkansas/Texas border, Gloria asked where Penelope was. She's an attentive little girl, eh? We were happy to finally arrive in Dallas at around 2pm.

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