Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Clampetts

Our family of 6 is going out of town for a week. This is what our clothesline has looked like ALL DAY. I called for "Last Load!" at 1:00 this afternoon, but still ended up doing 4 more loads. I have one last to hang out in the morning, after what is already on the line is dry, and then we should be done.
Today has been our most peaceful day of the week. We had to be at home because Scott is doing some prep for a diagnostic test tomorrow, so we (the kids and I) had a chance to just relax. (If you can call 9 loads of laundry relaxing.) I don't think Scott's day has been very relaxing. His test will be over soon, then we can get down to the business of getting out of town.
We will be staying in downtown Dallas because this will put us very close to Scott's meetings. We are not downtown people. It should be interesting. The kids are looking forward to riding the train and visiting the Rodeo, not to mention seeing where Dad grew up. Speaking of Dad, he spent a good portion of his "downtime" today putting together plans for our vacation. We'll keep you posted.

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