Saturday, September 8, 2007

Arriving at the hotel

It was a long ride from TN to Dallas. We made several stops, the last of which was close to Dallas to show the kids a mall Scott remembered from his childhood.
Putting them back into the car to go the last 30 minutes proved to be difficult.
It was hot. I slipped off my shoes. I didn’t mean to let my inner hillbilly out, it just happened.
We pulled up to the front of the hotel so Scott could check us in. To my utter horror, a man came up and opened my door for me. Fortunately, I had just put my shoes back on. I did still have my skirt hiked up (it was terribly hot). A scrap of paper drifted out of the car as he opened it. This was not good. He proceeded to bring out a cart for our luggage. I tried to discreetly shove the multiple pairs of underwear into any open containers we had. We lost shoes and empty juice bottles in the street. The valet had to park our car. How very embarrassing!
The good news is that the hotel is very nice indeed. I feel like a fish out of water. We have a wonderful city view, and there is enough stuff in the hotel that I would probably not have to leave it to keep the kids entertained next week. When we do leave it, though, we don’t have to go far. We are within walking distance to museums and art galleries. The DART (mass transit) will go to many other places we would want to see. We’ll be posting pictures as the week goes on.

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