Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What's been going on...

Do you ever take notice of the things that you spend time thinking about?

I've recently noticed that the things that I have thought made no difference to me actually do matter to me. Why else would I be pondering them while hanging out the laundry, cooking dinner, or checking the kids' schoolwork?

That's just what I've been thinking. And the stuff that's been on my mind wouldn't make good blog material, either. Sorry for the lack of posts.

Today turned out to be a busy day. We made 2 trips to the vet (actually 3 if you count the return visit to pick her up). Penelope was due for her shots, and then once we got home, we noticed her scratching a lot. I inspected her closely, and she had lots of seed ticks on her. She uses Frontline, but these ticks are ferocious. We took her for a flea & tick bath and were instructed to reapply the Frontline on Friday.
We also took dinner to a recenly widowed elderly gentleman from our church. We had a nice time visiting with him, though we left emotionally drained. He had been married for 58 years and is very lonely. I brought him dinner with my 4 kids and my dog in tow. (Remember that 2nd trip to the vet.)
After that visit, we returned home to prepare dinner for our immediate family plus my mother- and father-in-law.
I think you've been pretty much brought up to speed.

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