Friday, August 3, 2007

Some of the things growing in our yard...

One night a couple of months ago, the boys went out and stuck some seeds from a honeydew melon in the ground. We never expected one to grow, planted as it was in a small strip of dirt left from a re-trenching of our water line.

A couple of nights ago, Noah spotted this one while mowing with the yard. You'd have thought he'd found buried treasure by the way he was shrieking. This one will need a lot of TLC to produce.

This is a trumpet vine with a seed pod. Noah picked one to sketch and we are "dissecting" it later today.

The official state wildflower, the Passion Flower. Having lived in the state for all but 1 year of my life, I am surprised that I have never seen this flower before. We are anxiously awaiting the time to harvest the Passion Fruit. Right now they are still green, but should turn a deep purple.

Some wildflowers growing in the fenceline.

Gloria and Penelope playing


Don and Lynn said...

What wonderful yard finds! That passion flower is gorgeous. You're blessed, all we have in my backyard is kudzu. Nothing great about that :o) I'm wondering why kudzu couldn't have some wonderful flowers or fruit on it?

The picture of your daughter and Penelope is sweet!

VoiceInTheWilderness said...

Thank you.

Kudzu is actually quite amazing. Did you know that it is edible? The tubers (roots) can become larger than a person. They are like giant potatoes. I've heard that you can use the kudzu leaves in place of grape leaves in Mediteranean dishes. Of course you probably don't want to be known as "that crazy kudzu lady"....