Monday, August 20, 2007

It's happened again

If you recall from a previous post, Scott was going to purchase a first aid kit. Well, he did, and after much searching, he found the right bag to keep it all in. He just got the thing put together and he's been carrying it everywhere.

So... this afternoon he got his first real opportunity to use it. He left his office and was driving on the interstate, when the car in front of him that was doing about 80 mph left the roadway and flipped several times. He slammed on his brakes and swerved over to the side of the road. He grabbed the first aid kit, ran to the car, pulled the girl out of the window, and rendered first aid.

God was really watching out for this girl. At 80 mph and ending in a roll-over, the extent of her injuries was one 3/4 inch scratch on her knee, which she said really hurt. One sterile gauze and three sprays of antiseptic/antibiotic later, the first aid kit was returned to the car.

What was lost on this girl is that her's was the second accident in as many weeks where Scott has been first on the scene. Fifty percent of which now have involved LifeFlight. She is fortunate that she didn't require more medical help, as Scott has yet to take a first aid course. Me, I'm afraid to sneeze around him. I'm afraid he'll strap a splint on me and prick me with needles or something. Nah, he really doesn't want to use it. He's squeamish around blood.

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Don and Lynn said...

Hmmmmm...maybe Scott=EMT? Maybe God's trying to tell him something???