Saturday, August 18, 2007

In God's Time

and not a moment sooner.

Our RV has been on a consignment lot for 3 months. We decided some time ago that if we were not going to be using the RV, we should sell it. They are quite expensive to up-keep if they are not being used. Yesterday was the last day for it to be at the lot, so we loaded up the kids and went to pick it up.

We have been planning a trip to Dallas, which the kids finally found out about. They have been excited about getting the RV back and have been making lists of what to bring with them. Nicholas even got up early and did his schoolwork- he was finished by 9:30 am. He wanted to ride home in the RV with Dad, which apparently Scott had told him he could do.

Another vehicle came into the lot right after we did. While the salesperson went to get the keys for us, the other gentleman asked if he could look at it. He had been by the day before and brought his wife back with him to see it. We agreed to wait while they looked. While we were waiting, they made an offer which was accepted. The gentleman is withdrawing funds from his retirement account, so there will be a 12 day wait, but he has made a down-payment and signed a contract. He also has purchased from this lot in the past and they are quite confident that there will be no surprises. We have said all along that whatever God wants us to do... we will do. We had determined that if the RV did not sell, that we would continue to use it for trips and wait on God to see what was coming. We thought maybe He still had places for us to go. Perhaps it was that He was developing in us Patience and Trust.

So we didn't bring the RV home. Nicholas didn't get to ride in it. He actually cried. He's a big boy, and he doesn't cry often. It was really kind of sad to see. Fortunately, he is not too big to cheer up with ice cream and some inventive Pig Latin.

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