Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kitchen help

My children always want to help prepare dinner. Setting the table is another story. In order to squelch the squabbling at our house, we alternate weeks for these tasks. Originally, each child had a week to be the "kitchen help", which included cooking and setting the table. For those days that we don't get dinner started until 4:30, we found that both tasks were too much for one helper. (Those days are more frequent in occurance than I would like to admit.) Here is Noah working diligently at cooking green beans for last night's dinner. They were quite tasty, despite Nicholas' confession that he added a little Agave Nectar (a natural sweetener) to them when Noah asked him to take over for a minute. He likes to experiment, sometimes with horrible results. Fortunately, there wasn't enough of the sweet stuff in there to notice.

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