Friday, July 6, 2007

Homemade Potato Chips

I made these homemade potato chips for dinner tonight. These home-grown potatoes were fried in Red Palm Oil, which gives them that lovely orange color. The kids thought they were barbeque flavored chips. I cut the potatoes thin using a vegetable peeler. After frying them until crisp, they were drained and sprinkled with our favorite Creole seasoning.
I first read about Red Palm Oil in Above Rubies magazine, and was intrigued. Then I did an internet search and found that many folks cautioned about its flavor, saying that we most certainly would not enjoy it unless we had grown up eating it. We decided to try it anyway. I've had no complaints from the family (picky husband included). We made barley cakes and fried half in Red Palm Oil and half in Extra Virgin Olive Oil... the Red Palm Oil was our favorite. And tonight, the chips disappeared quickly. The only complaint I have had is from my 6 year old with a hypersensitive nose, but even though he detests the smell, he loves the flavor.
The photo quality is not what I had hoped for... it's hard to get a good shot when you have to keep smacking hands away.


Tish said...

Yum! Those look great! :)

Tish said...

I posted about your recipe on my blog. Hope ya don't mind! :)

VoiceInTheWilderness said...

Not at all... we'll have them when you come to visit!