Monday, July 16, 2007

Farming failures

Our first attempt at "farm animals" did not work out. I used quotations there because I'm not really sure that guinea fowl count as farm animals. On Saturday, we purchased 2 adult guineas. We brought them home, carefully following the instructions of the kind folks we purchased them from. We were to leave them both in a cage for a week, then let only one out for a week. This way they establish residency and don't just take off looking for other birds to hang out with.

Sunday morning before church, we noticed that one bird was dead. The other was so frightened that he just kept jumping and banging his head on the cage top. Scott decided that it would be better to just let him out of the cage than to let him break his neck. He was freed, and we were off to church. We didn't see him at all the rest of the day, until we came back from the evening service at church. He was slowly eating his way across the neighbor's yard.... and we haven't seen him since. Scott decided to commence work on the chicken tractor, which is nearing completion. We'll post some photos tomorrow.

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