Friday, July 20, 2007

Evening Hike

We have yet to explore the bulk of our property. Some evenings, when we've had sufficient sleep the night before or when we're just gluttons for punishment, we strike out like "Lewis & Clark meet Nate the Great".

The past two evenings have been just such occasions.

We were able to get GPS coordinates for one of our property lines this evening. We also got plenty of ticks. Yesterday, we found wild grapes (sorry, no picture) and a good size sink-hole. We are pretty certain that something lives in the sink. We were glad that it did not come out to meet us. We also saw a huge rabbit and a couple of interesting plants that we've not seen before. We'll have to go back with a camera sometime and take some pictures for the blog.

Scott really wants to have a "foraged" dinner. Does it count as foraged, if we staple bags of meat to trees? We found passion fruit. The flowers are really amazing looking and people say that they are delicious to add to drinks.

The kids have eaten at least 12 frozen popsicles tonight. They have become a staple of our evening diet. I wonder how we'll forage for those?


Don and Lynn said...

Great family pic! You're very smart to get in pics with your kids. I have found that over the years, I don't do that often enough. I'd like for them to know I was a part of their lives :o) That puppy is HUGE already! Eww, we have plenty of ticks down here in GA, too. They hitch rides on the deer that graze in our backyard. YUCK!

Joy, of course said...

"Does it count as foraged, if we staple bags of meat to trees?"

HA!!!! That is very funny. Great post. I linked over from "The Stallworths"