Friday, July 13, 2007


Many nights after the kids are in bed, I stay up and browse blogs that I find interesting. They are mostly agrarian in nature, but sometimes I meander about the web just following links from blog to blog.
A couple of nights ago, this photo pricked my heart.

A small child near death, being watched by a vulture.
I repented of my sin of apathy and indifference. I went back to Compassion International. Several months back, we chose a child to sponsor, made our first payment, and never received anything back from Compassion. I called twice, but there was no record of the sponsorship. The third time I called and gave the child's number, I was told that she had been sponsored by someone else. Must have been a problem with the mail delivery. I was relieved of my $32/month burden. We talked of picking out another child, but never got around to it. Until Tuesday night. After I saw the photo, I knew I needed to do something. I know that saving one child from poverty and hopelessness isn't massive, but if all of us sponsored a child, what a difference it would make! I did an advanced search and chose the first child whose picture popped up under "longest waiting". He is Miqueias Luis Andrade da Silva from Brazil. He will be 5 at the end of July. I'll post a photo of him soon.
I hope you'll consider sponsoring a child through Compassion.


Don and Lynn said...

Wow, I was sitting eating nutritionally unecessary chips and salsa when I read your post. Moved to complete sobbing, I feel like I could throw them up. We have sponsored a little girl from Ecuador through World Vision for a few years and we get pictures of her "plump" self every year. I felt like God tugging at my heart to sponsor another child for some time, I think He used your post to light a fire under me. It makes me sick when I think of my children being picky about what I make for dinner. I look around my own kitchen and see fresh vegetables from my garden on the counter and fresh made bread on the cooling rack, bananas on the banana hanger, etc. What that child wouldn't do for our scraps. Oh wow, that cuts to the heart! We truly live in the land of plenty and are blessed so much!

Tish said...

Oh my goodness. Looking at that photo made a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.

VoiceInTheWilderness said...

It is truly heartbreaking.
Tish, I can't imagine anyone being able to see that photo and not be moved to tears. I did some research on it and found that it was a prize-winning photo from the mid-90s- the little girl in the photo was crawling to a UN aid station.
You mentioned the tugging at your heart to sponsor another child... and God lighting a fire under you. I had left out part of my story in the post. When I found the child to sponsor on Tuesday night, it was late and I didn't have my purse nearby. I made a note to myself to finish the sponsorship the next morning. Morning came, and I forgot to do it. We had to run some errands, so I loaded the kids up, started the car, and turned on the radio. Our local Christian radio station was having a "Global Compassion Day"- a sponsorship drive for Compassion International. I knew God wanted me to finish that sponsorship. So the minute we got home, the kids gathered around the computer with me and we completed the financial part, then read the child's biography and talked about the need to pray for him.
Here are a couple of links to other charities that do good work with global poverty.

Don and Lynn said...

I'm glad you did research on the photo. I was wondering about the particulars of it. I sure do hope that photographer put down his camera and helped this child to the station!

Katie said...

Unfortunately the camera man did not put down the camera. He won the prize and during an interview someone ask the man what happened to the little child. The camera man sat there for a few minutes silent, he replied he did not know. He was so wrapped up in getting the right angle for the shot, he did not pay any attention to what happened. A few months later he committed suicide, he left a note saying he was so sorry he did not help the child.

VoiceInTheWilderness said...

Thanks for letting us know how that turned out.