Monday, July 16, 2007

Christmas in July

Yesterday was the much anticipated "School supply shopping day" at the Winslow house. The children excitedly finalized their shopping list,using the Wal-Mart sales ad. The two older sons generously gave their little brother $5 so he could purchase whatever supplies he wanted.
We nearly made it through the store without a snag. The kids had picked out all the stuff they wanted, and I decided that I might as well pick up some groceries. As I was perusing the juice aisle, I heard my 2 year old daughter asking a question repeatedly. It sounded like "Made in China?, Made in China?" Sure enough, she had heard the phrase many times when we were deciding to purchase or not purchase something based on its country of origin. She was holding up her brother's plastic pencil case and asking emphatically if it was made in China. I knew this would get the boys quite upset, as we normally try to avoid Chinese products, and I tried to hush her. It didn't work. They started going through everything in the cart, and all of their "good deals" were made in China. They were faced with a tough decision. In the end, they decided that maybe all stuff made in China wasn't bad, because they didn't have enough money to purchase products made elsewhere (not to mention that some of the items did not have a non-Chinese alternative). My four year old bewailed the fact that his scissors were made in China loudly enough to draw amused looks from the largely elderly crowd that shops during our timeframe. I am still morally torn, but I left the decision to them. Even that causes a moral dilemma, though, because they are in my charge. From the mouths of babes....

Here are some pictures of the kids going through their goodies when we returned home. They had supply swapping time, organizing time, etc. Before bed, they asked if we can do it again tomorrow. I had to remind them that "School Supply day comes only once a year." Today we'll clean up all the wrappings and packages and resume life as normal.

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