Saturday, May 5, 2007

Greenhouse in Progress

This is what we hope will soon be our greenhouse. The steel tubular frame came from the parents; a neglected and no longer needed tarp covered shed. The wood stacked in front of the frame was purchased for the price of $5 (there are two stacks, but only one is pictured). It is all cut conveniently into 32" pieces. We believe that these will be the tables in the greenhouse. The fence posts are used to secure the frame to the ground and to level the frame.

They cost $3 each at the Farmer's Co-Op. The most expensive part, thus far, has been the hardware. 100 - 2 1/2" bolts and nuts cost about $25. Still, a fairly reasonable sum. Using new hardware is a labor saver, when compared with fighting rusted and bent bolts. The greenhouse will be approximately 10' x 20' when completed.

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