Saturday, April 7, 2007

A Path through the Wilderness

The men of the family (Scott, Nicholas and Noah) spent the afternoon clearing a path to the old logging road from our house. It's amazing what a chainsaw, pruner,and an extra set of hands to drag away the debris can do. This was a heavily forested area until today. I can now walk upright all the way back to the logging road. The only access to there up until now has been from the road, meaning a walk along the highway. We can't wait to have friends over now, so we can go exploring.
I, however,am a Class A Wimp. It was too cold for me to be outside very much. I worked inside emptying boxes of random items that were brought in from the RV.
The evening was spent with friends at a fish fry. Once again, a bit cold for my tastes. I stayed in as much as possible, and when I had to be outside I was very close to the bonfire. These folks have an awesome fire pit and the kids always have a good time just standing there and tossing sticks in. When we finally arrived home, Elijah was asleep and had to be carried in to his bed.

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