Monday, April 9, 2007

A Name For Our Farm

Scott and I have decided that we should name our farm. We want something with meaning, preferably Biblical. We've racked our brains, but nothing is coming to us. I even did a google search on "naming your farm". We found a couple that we really like, but of course, we can't very well steal someone else's farm name. I like Silent Rocks (taken from the Bible verse that says if we don't praise God the rocks will). That farm is even in the same city as us. And there is Five Stones Farms, "because of the bible verse that says at the judgment, we'll receive a stone with a new name on it and there are 5 in our family." Why can't I think of anything like that? We've asked the boys to come up with ideas, but so far they have nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Steve said...

Winslows Wilderness

We wander through the wilderness because of our disobedinece, but God promises us a "promised land" if we will trust in Him. I'm amazed at your obedienece and willingness to follow Christ as you feel He is leading you. It's a great testemony and witness for our Lord Jesus Christ. Not only is Winslow's Wilderness a catchy name for a farm, but it represents a temporary place until we arrive at our final destination... Heaven.