Saturday, April 21, 2007


Wednesday night was Bible Character dress-up night at AWANA. From left to right, we have Mini-Moses, Noah, Moses, and Elijah. We called Gloria mini-Moses because right up to the minute I took this picture she had on a tan robe, rod, and bottle of "blood" just like Nicholas. Then she decided red was prettier, and we weren't prepared to change her accessories. Noah and Elijah desired to dress as their namesakes. These costumes were put together in under an hour- longer if you count the time it took for the paint to dry on Elijah's sword. Nicholas decided on Moses because he would get to carry a big stick and shout "Let my people go!", as well as carry a bottle of "blood" (fruit punch) that he could drink when no one was looking.
I had the opportunity to be outside with the youth while Nicholas' class was involved in game time. I noticed the gametime leader had the walking stick... I don't know if it was to prop himself up after a long day or if he took it because the 10 and 11 year old boys were whacking each other with it.
I enjoy getting to see Nicholas happily playing with other boys his age. I used to worry that because we were homeschooling, my children would have poor interpersonal skills. They have a variety of friends at church, the closest being children of other church workers. One girl who is a couple of years older than Nicholas plays with my 2 oldest sons a lot. Noah pretends he is going to eat her... as soon as he sees her, he tells her "Welcome to the sanctuary of my stomach!" and then the chase is on. I appreciate how nice she is to include Noah in the play since she is double his age right now.

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Tish said...

Awww, what a great pic! The kids are really growing up!