Monday, March 26, 2007

Sincere Prayer

I've been sitting here in bed thinking that my prayers for my children have become rote. I want to pray specific prayers for them instead of just generalized, last minute prayers. It seems that I run out of time (i.e. fall asleep) during my night time prayers too often and just make brief mention of them. I was thinking that I would google "how to pray for children" and see what I could find. I thought I would do that right after visiting the Compassion International website to change my address. Look what I found while I was there!
What a blessing! I can use this as inspiration for praying for my kids and our sponsored child as well.
I struggle with prayer sometimes. I don't feel like I set apart enough time for it. It feels at times like I have so many people that I want to lift up in prayer that it seems that all I am doing is giving God a request list. I don't feel much like I am spending time with God. I think I am going to start a prayer/praise journal.

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