Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Family Reunion

This post should be accompanied by photos, but I felt weird bringing a camera to church and snapping pictures of everyone. The first pastor that Scott and I ever had came to preach at our current church on Sunday. He will henceforth be referred to as OP (Old Pastor). Several families from our OC (Old Church) came to see the OP, who has had a rough year of health problems. OP and his wife are among my personal heroes of the faith, and I maybe look at them with a glassed over look of someone admiring a favorite soft rock star. OP told me before church started that a family from the OC was coming. Imagine my surprise when I turned around before church to look for this particular family and saw 2 pews back the woman who led children's church at the OC and led Nicholas to salvation in the Lord. She and her husband are also among my heroes of the faith. God has blessed Scott and I with many wonderful examples of couples serving the Lord together. I found the family I was searching for and was thrilled to see yet another couple from the OC was sitting with them. It makes me think of the old gospel song (and if you've been in a Southern Gospel loving church, you'll know this one) "When we all get to Heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be". It seemed that everywhere I looked I saw old familiar brothers and sisters in Christ mingled with the ones we've just recently come to know and love.
For the Sunday evening service, we were blessed to have in attendance a young lady from our old youth group at the OC. Scott and I had run into her the night before and invited her to come. She is facing some struggles in her life and really needs the support of her Christian brothers and sisters. Please pray for April if the Lord puts her on your heart. Scott and I had the pleasure of taking her out to dinner after the service so we could catch up on each others lives and offer her support and prayer.

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