Saturday, February 17, 2007

Valentine Dinner

Well, tonight was the Valentine's dinner at church. It was a nice evening. The youth served the dinner, babysat children, and helped out in other ways. There was already some snow on the ground, but ice began to really come down during the dinner.

Scott drove one of the church vans last Wednesday, because another driver was not able to. He said it was quite an experience. Maybe he'll elaborate another time.

We are buying a part of a cow with another family. We will pick it up in a little over a week. If you've never bought part of a cow before, there are a lot of questions that one might ask. How is the cow killed? What was it's last meal? Where was it raised? Did it enjoy long walks on the beach? We have become more acquainted with this bovine than in any other animal we have ever eaten.

We went to look at a piece of land today. It was 46 acres. It was about 1/3 of an acre of flat land and the rest was practically vertical. There were carcasses of mountain goats that had fallen to their death at the bottom of this land. It was scenic.

Noah bought Pearl (Grandma's dog) a bone. It was a huge bone from a cow. Did you know that you could buy huge cow bones at Wal-Mart? It still had pieces of meat on the bone. Yum. The dog was beside herself. She looked at us expectantly. I think she believed that this had to be her last meal.

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