Friday, February 2, 2007

The Long, Cold Winter...

It was starting to feel that way. Since November the kids had been anxiously awaiting snow. Elijah will be 4 this spring and has never had enough snow to even make a snowball. After only a week and a half of snowy weather and single digit low temperatures, Noah woke up to ask dreamily, "When will it be spring?"

On our last day in KC, I blew a fuse in the RV. I checked the breaker box, the fuses, the plugs outside, and everything else I could think of. I text messaged Scott during his meeting to ask for suggestions. He told me to do all of the things I had already done and I dutifully repeated the tasks. Still no luck. I called the RV Park office to ask if they were having a power problem and they were not. The owner of the park came out and took a look at our breaker box for me. Turns out I really didn't know how to reset a breaker. Who knew there was more to it than just flipping the switch back to "on"?

The snow started coming down and the roads were immediately coated. Everything was frozen. When the rental car was returned (a fiasco as well) and Scott came back to us, we immediately left. We had no desire to be snowed in. The roads were very slick. We barely missed a 37 car pile-up on I-35 in Overland Park. We saw so many accidents on the road that we were very nervous about driving our 20,000 pound home on wheels.

Along an icy stretch of I-70 near Boonville, Missouri, we heard such a loud POP that the only thing I can compare it to is a gun shot. Scott pulled off the interstate and I got up to investigate. It was my determination that the only thing that could have made such a noise was the bedroom door slamming shut. I promptly buckled up and shared that bit of information with hubby. He shot me a disbelieving look and went outside to do an investigation of his own. Turns out we had blown a tire. Oops, my bad. The folks at Good Sam (short for Good Samaritan) took care of it. We spent a short 45 minutes waiting for a guy to come replace the tire (with our own spare). He did good work and it wasn't long before we were ready to roll again.

Shortly before reaching St. Louis, we stopped for snacks, coffee, and a movie for the kids to watch. I will forever remember the blinding snow, dimly lit interstate, and the screaching sounds of Elmo and Oscar the Grouch singing about sharing. How my ears ached! I exchanged text messages with a young lady from our youth group while Scott drove. It was nice to hear from her and catch up a little on what was going on at church. The kids were awake to see the Arch as we drove past it. They were quite impressed. I remember going there once long ago with my college roommate. It was very different to see it on a dark and snowy night.

We made our final stop for the night in a Wal-mart parking lot in Mt. Vernon, IL. We joined 3 other RVs already parked there. The kids were sound asleep, so we just laid them down wherever we could without unbuckling their car seats. We had a pretty restful night there and headed out early the next morning.

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