Monday, January 15, 2007

Planning for our trip

We have been in the "heat" of planning for our upcoming trip. We will leave Sunday after church and return not the next Sunday, but the Sunday after that. That's the plan, at least! Since we will miss two Wednesday nights, Scott has been busy creating notes for those nights. We don't want the youth to not meet, while we're gone. He is also making a lesson plan for the Sunday that we will miss.

Our trip will take us through Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas. We have picked out a few places that we'd like to see, but we're leaving most of the stops on the way to and from Scott's meeting (this is more or less a work trip) up to divine providence. We plan to take plenty of pictures and video to document our excursion. The weather has been a real mess there. Hopefully we can see some snow without getting stranded by it. In any case, we should be reasonably well prepared in our RV.

One of our stops will be in Fieldon, IL. This is the home where Scott's parents lived when he was born. They lived there until he turned 7. There are many fond and difficult memories associated with this place. The family moved from there after the economy took a downturn in the early 80's. Scott's Dad worked as a welder on the Mississippi river. He left for Texas to find work to support Scott, his mom, and his younger brother and sister. It was tough leaving that town and the old house that Scott's Dad had invested so much time and labor in renovating. It was tougher still being apart, while part of the family was in Texas and the rest were in Illinois. We still have some family friends there who we look forward to visiting.

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Tish said...

I hope you have a fun, safe trip!