Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Days 9 & 10

Scott has been in meetings both today and yesterday. The kids have behaved well enough, considering it is really too cold to go outside. The temperature has been in the low teens.

We are staying at the Walnut Grove campground. Their web site is:


This is a pretty small camground, but the proximity to downtown K.C. made it perfect for use. Scott's commute is about 15 minutes each way. They have wi-fi and laundry facilities that we have taken advantage of. The park is almost full, but we really haven't seen much of the other residents. It is too cold for people to be out walking around. We have only encountered people in the laundry room and during a walk around the camp on our first day here. That day, we met a couple with a small child named Miles. The man was from Clarksville, TN and the woman was from a northern state. The man said that he travels alot with his job and they bought a travel trailer when Miles was born, so the family could all be together. How great!

We will be leaving here tomorrow. Scott's meeting should be over at 1:00. He said that it will probably be after that, because the leaders are "long-winded" and like to pontificate beyond their scheduled speaking times. He must return our rented van before we leave, also. If all goes well, we hope to leave around 2:00 p.m. If so, we should be able to make it to somewhere near St. Louis by bed time. Scott said that, if he feels really eager, he may drive all night and make it back to Tennessee.

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Tish said...

I hope things are still going well!

"Pontificate" has always been a favorite word of mine for some strange reason. :)