Sunday, January 28, 2007

Day 8

Today we went to church at Vista Baptist Church in Olathe Kansas. This church was recommended to us by a church member at the church where we are currently members. She was a member at this church, before moving to Tennessee. The people were very welcoming and we enjoyed the Pastor's sermon.

After church, we went to lunch at Popeye's chicken and biscuits. We really need to eat healthier and this lunch reminded us of that. It is so difficult to eat healthy, when you are going out to eat. It seems like the only healthy options at most places are horrid tasting options.

We had hoped to return for the evening service at Vista, but Scott had to pick up a coworker from the airport and he did not return in time.

Noah has been complaining that we haven't been reading the Bible long enough, before bed time. So, Scott read extra long tonight. He asked Noah if it was long enough and Noah said that it still was not. Since becoming a Christian, Noah's thirst for the word of God and his spiritual awareness have been ignited. He is only six, but he is very intuitive in his faith. It is amazing for us to watch, because we recall our spiritual ignorance, at his age.

We used part of the evening for laundry and cleaning. Scott called an old friend who had been on his mind and learned that she and her husband are contemplating a mission trip to Africa. They have never been on a mission trip before, so this could be the start of something great. His unsolicited advice was, "If you are being called to do it, you better do it." I think many people avoid mission trips or definitely mission trips to specific countries (i.e. Syria, Iraq, Israel, & etc.), because of fear for their physical safety. I know I would be afraid to go, if I was called to one of those "difficult" countries. However, as we heard the mother of a missionary who has moved his entire family of 8 to a country in the middle east, "You are no safer than when you are in the will of God."

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