Saturday, January 27, 2007

Day 7

It was another rough night. Elijah asked for a drink every 30 minutes all night long. Noah had a fever. It seems like we just pass illness around the family until everyone has been sick.

We looked in Elijah's throat. His tonsils looked worse. We decided this time to take him to the Kansas City Mercy Children's Hospital Urgent Care Clinic. We were there for a good 4 hours. However, they were so much more professional than the "Minute Clinic". We really felt more at ease after Elijah was seen by the professionals there.

One nurse asked Elijah if his belly was full. He said that it was. She asked him what he had eaten. Elijah told her that he couldn't tell her, because it was "top secret". She laughed. She commented about how curly his hair was and he told her how Scott is going to cut all the curls off.

After we left the clinic, we went for fast food. Elijah and Gloria were already asleep. We just let them rest. Nicholas got sick while we were in the drive thru line and had to throw up. We think he was just car sick. He gets that way.

We were looking for something to do after eating that would work off some energy and that would be indoors. We decided to go to a local mall. We don't go to malls often and we kind of forget what goes on there. It never ceases to amaze me. The temperature was in the 20's, but the skirts were micro-mini skirts. Do these girls not have fathers?

We had to distract the kids while we walked past the Victoria's Secret store. I seem to recall about ten years ago that they sold relatively tasteful lingerie. That's not the case anymore. They have very graphic life-size pictures for passers-by to see. So many of the people roaming the mall swear like sailors. There is constant yelling. I knew there was a reason that we don't go to the mall much. If you want to see evidence of the decline of Western Civilization, visit the mall.

We ended the evening making cookies and washing clothes. Elijah & Gloria held hands and watched a Casting Crowns DVD. They were very sweet. It was a priceless sight.

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