Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day 5

We awoke to the sight of deer playing outside of the RV. Well, neither of us adults saw them, but all of the kids swear that they were there. After we left the park, we drove along the river road. Grafton Illinois is advertised as "home of the wintering eagles". We pulled over and tried to spot our national bird. We had given up and were preparing to pull away, when Nicholas claimed to have spotted one. We were sure that he was mistaken, until we saw the white head. It was really neat and we snapped several pictures. We crossed the Illinois river at Alton and saw a bridge that we had once seen a TV special about the building of. Bridges are a little frightening, when you are driving a 35' RV. You just look out the window and see nothing but water far far below.

We drove toward Kansas City with the rest of the time in our day. The rest of the trip would have been uneventful, except we stopped for gas a little over an hour outside of K.C. We tried three gas stations, before we found one with functioning and accessible gas pumps. At the final gas station, we found a couple with two children who had locked their keys in their van. Scott tried to help get the keys out, while the lady and their two daughters stayed warm in the RV.

It turns out that the family is from China. The husband was originally from the U.S. They were very nice and we have his business card. We plan to e-mail them. Scott had just been reading about the Good Samaritan to the boys. What a great opportunity to put legs on the teachings of Christ.

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Tish said...

Sounds like a great trip! I love the photo of the eagle! Stay safe!