Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day 4

We spent the first half of the day with Jim and Alice. Elijah began to seem like he didn't feel well, so we took his temperature. He had a fever. We decided that we should probably leave a little early, rather than expose Jim and Alice further to a sick Elijah. We left Fieldon and headed toward St. Louis. We saw the local area that was flooded so badly in 1993. We decided to spend the night at the Pere Marquette State Park. We were the only campers at the campground. It was a nice place and we had dinner at the lodge. We were one of two groups having dinner at the lodge. We found out that Scott's friend and pastor, Dan, had decided to leave his position at the church. He said that he just felt like it was no longer in God's will. That was very disappointing to us. It is not our place to discern God's will in his life, but...

As we fell asleep, we heard Noah sobbing in his bed. He was not happy that Dan was leaving, either.

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